Who we are
RenovateRepair.com is owned and operated by Cary residents, George and Susan Prenatt. Under their joint supervision,  qualified reside crews and paint crews are capable of literally transforming the exterior of your home from perhaps the worst home on the block to one of the loveliest in the neighborhood.

Improving your home is actually possible with the use of technologically advanced non-rot materials that were probably not even available when your home was originally constructed. So rather than a short term approach that will merely increase in expense and continue to degrade over time in our challenging local climate, we replace the existing material with non-rot material. Bottom line, two to three years from now, we will NOT be revisiting the problem area again.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to reside and paint your home, using the most qualified crews and the best material available, as well as providing outstanding customer service.  We show up on time for our projects, tell you the honest truth about what your home needs, and perform all repairs with best practice in mind at all times.