Projects are estimated and priced according to the specific needs, conditions, accessibility, material, and labor required to perform a superior repair job. An estimate is generated, based on what we can visualize from the ground with field glasses, and our findings are emailed, along with several pages of references. We know that as a homeowner, avoiding negative financial surprises is important, therefore, we DON’T provide phone quotes or speak in vague generalities, to avoid unnecessary confusion and stress on everyone’s part.

  • UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: In the course of a project, additional repairs may be found. Should this happen, a work order will be prepared and discussed with the homeowner, and once approval is granted, the additional work will be performed.
  • CHANGING THE ORIGINAL PROJECT: Occasionally, homeowners decide to increase the scope or level of difficulty of the project. Since this affects all projects to follow, it’s advisable to discuss any changes as soon as possible with us.