Partial and & Complete Siding Replacement
Wind-driven rain and moisture penetrates behind siding, and can saturate walls, creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and wood rot. For full house reside, the existing siding is removed, HardieWrap is installed then HardiePlank siding is installed. If a permit is required, it is obtained when the project begins.

HardieWrap weather barrier is engineered to withstand the different factors present in cold/wet climates vs hot/humid climates. It is a premium non-woven water resistant barrier with a unique MicroTech coating, providing better balance of water resistance and water vapor permeability; it also reduces water intrusion while releasing moisture vapor from inside to dry out the wall cavity. HardieWrap is 11 mil thick, which helps the surface resist air penetration and improve energy efficiency.

To insure “best practice” compliance, our crews install siding using guidelines specified by James Hardie. HardiePlank is a fiber cement siding that resists fire, cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites and many other environmental problems. It is backed by a 50 year limited, transferable warranty.

We understand that not everyone can afford to replace all of their siding, so in such cases, we will discuss residing the worst side of the home to avoid significant deterioration that affects far more then just the siding.

  • Once  the siding is installed, our attention is focused on caulking to minimize future water infiltration due to expansion and contraction. Finally, properly applied paint ensures years of protection from the punishing elements.

In the Course of Residing a Home

Once a house is pressure washed, and the surface debris is removed, there may be other previously unseen areas which require attention.  This may include:

  • Replacement of existing brick mould with solid PVC
  • Replacement of  existing window sills, noses, mullions or window stops with solid PVC
  • Replacement of miscellaneous trim or moulding with solid pvc
  • Installing flashing above windows and doors, per James Hardie manufacturing’s “best practice” procedures to prevent water intrusion

Wood products are responsible for rotted door and window trim throughout North Carolina, therefore, we use HardieTrim or solid PVC

HardieTrim is a fiber cement exterior composite trim, which unlike hardboard, is moisture, rot and termite resistant, and is backed by a 15 year limited, transferable warranty.

Solid PVC makes drilling and sawing precise. It also provides stability, keeps moisture from migrating behind coatings, is chemical resistant , will not rot, is impervious to insects and is environmentally safe.

Exterior Painting
“Weatherizing” and sealing the exterior of your home, rather than JUST COLORING THE SURFACE is essential for the longevity of your exterior. To accomplish that goal we take the following steps:

  • Pressure wash entire house
  • Spot sand peeling paint on trim
  • Apply oil-based primer to raw wood and spot prime patched areas
  • Apply premium-grade “elastomeric” caulk wherever caulk is specified
  • Apply clear silicone to all fixture connections
  • Apply premium grade paint

Interior Painting

  • Move furniture from walls
  • Cover furnishings and floors with clean plastic and drop cloths
  • Remove electrical plates, window locks, etc.
  • Mask off and protect all work areas
  • Repair nail pops
  • Prep and sand walls, as needed
  • Repair surfaces, if needed
  • Apply one or two coats premium grade paint, as specified by homeowner
  • Replace furnishings